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Briquetes programme

Promotion for utilizing Biomass & social empowerment of tribal women to protect forest, forest land & resource, environment from degradation with livelihood potential with drudgery reduction

As wood, agriculture residues, coal, cattle dung cake are the primary energy sources for cooking in rural areas. Traditional chullhas, commonly used in rural areas, however are efficient but environmentally undesirable. In this contrast improved multi fuel cooking stove / chullhas are scientifically designed for potential regulation of heat flow & better fuel utilization, improved chullhas have heat transfer efficiency of 20-25% as compared to 8-10% in case of traditional chullhas.

In this context in view to conserve forest, SVSS taken initiative & promote alternative such as briquette can be used for every day heating/cooking works, briquettes are made from dried leaf, dung, saw dust, agriculture waste like wheat, paddy, straw seed cases bamboo dust, cotton, mustard, sunflower stalks & all other agro forest produces residues.

The use of bio mass briquettes is environment friendly and does not produce sulfur on burning has higher thermal capacity thesn normal coal and more heat on burning, is smokeless the food prepared by using briquette is reduce drudgery to the women in the kitchen upto 4 or 5 point scale. This technology is friendly, hygienic & Briquettes are easy to handle & transportable.

By use of briquettes & improved chulhas with social diversifications following objectives can be achieved:-

  • Conservation of fuel wood & other biomass
  • Control of deforestation & environmental degradation.
  • Provide employment opportunities to rural people & enhance participatory approach.
  • Reduction in drudgery of women & girl children for cooking in smoky kitchen.
  • Briquettes are cheaper than coal has no sulfer so very less pollution on burning.
  • The project is supported by M.P. Council of Science & Technology Govt. of M.P.

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