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Access to Justice for Marginalized People

Project title - "Womens Rights to Ownership on land, housing & resource right agenda by Justice" Supported under Justice Innovation Fund, Access to Justice Project – GoI, UNDP.

This project of legal empowerment has the potential of bringing about fundamental change in perspective of the society to an impressive manner and way
It will have a direct impact on increasing the economic independence of the women and reduce violence against women. It will strengthen the access to justice of marginalized groups and enhancing their capability to enjoy their citizenship. Women will suffer less from violence because people will have the capacities to intervene and deploy legal and enforceable rights to end violence against women. By 2012, in the areas covered by UNDP project a significant and increasing number of women, especially SC/ST, will have improved their socio- economic and political rights. Support of UNDP is providing opportunities for capacity building of women in these villages, where it is required the most. No other organisation is doing this kind of legal empowerment work for women on housings and land rights, especially in Sehore District and in fact in the whole of Madhya Pradesh. It has the potential of creating a critical mass of women empowered within the community.

Under this project SVSS create 100 Women Self Help Advocacy Group (WSHAG) members - Women Para legal’s by training 3 no. of legal trainings on various laws & under follow up activity exposure visits organized for District legal service authority, police station, Protection officer - women & child department & office of registrar land records etc.

Key achievements of the project:
- Because, empowerment on law of RTI WSHAGs have know started using it to get governance in the right places. Against the target of 100 RTI in 2 years as stimulated in the proposal the WSHAG have file 77 RTIs in one year with the help of this RTI the WSHAGs of the project has impacted that with the help of RTI, The WSHAGs have made a change in the education department by lating the government teacher to come in the time. They have use the RTI in Nirmal Vatika scheme & revived the scheme in whole district sehore they have also use in MGNREGA, PRI institutions, & various welfare schemes in the block sehore.
- MGNREGA has been used by WSHAGs for getting the payment which due to the worker.
- WSHAG member told to the police officials about the DK Basu guidelines have been implemented by the supreme court which the police had no knowledge.
- 26 widow pension cases are solved by the WSHAGS members
- Despite the goons threat the WSHAGs not stop working & filling the RTI enthuasticaly for the various welfare scheme.
- WSHAGs member participate in the decentralization planning process of PRIs
- 5 legal aid application was placed before a DLSA by WSHAGs.
- WSHAGs member participate Monitoring & Evaluation committee of MGNREGA in their village.

Activities / Events Conducted

Type of events conducted (training/workshops etc.) Date Place
Orientation programme for Staff & BLS field coordinators 10th Dec 2010 Sehore
International Women day celebration 8th March 2011 Sehore
Third gender Rights partnered with DLSA 20th January 2011 Sehore
PLWA support and their rights partnered with DLSA 14th December 2010 Sehore
First Workshop for WSHAG - Report 13th May to 15th May 2011 Icchawar
Exposure Visit – Registrar Land Records -- Report 12 July 2011 Sehore
Exposure Visit – Police station – Report 13 July 2011 Sehore
Second workshop for 28 WSHAGs 28th & 29th September 2011 Sehore
One day workshop for 28 WGHAG’s 12th November 2011 Sehore
Exposure Visit – Registrar Land Records -- Report 17th November Sehore
Exposure Visit – Police station – Report 17th November Sehore
Law day 26th November 2011 Sehore
Aids day 1st December 2011 Sehore
Human rights day 10th December 2011 Sehore
Third legal workshop for 41 WSHAG’s 13th -15th December 2011 Sehore
Exposure Visit – Registrar Land Records -- Report 27th December 2011 Sehore
Exposure Visit – Police station – Report 27th December 2011 Sehore
Exposure Visit – Women & child Development Dept. 27th December 2011 Sehore
Exposure Visit – DLSA 27th December 2011 Sehore

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